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Scrapbook: Community Weaving Project for the Christmas in Sedalia Event
Category: Events
Community Weaving Project for the Christmas in Sedalia Event
Several guild members worked on producing a shawl
The three members (Dorothea, Meridith and Carol) involved in the project selected 5 colors of 5/2 perle cotton and planned a color scheme using the golden ratio. The three traveled to the Sedalia Center, near Big Island, several times. The first time was to check out the loom to determine the feasibility of using it. The loom is an old LeClerc Nilus counterbalance loom, and it is in weavable condition, though it needed a bit of cleaning up (provided by one of the team, Dorothea). The three then convened at Meridith's studio to sley the reed in a random fashion, mixing the warp chains wound by Carol. Then it was off to Sedalia to dress the loom, which took 2 trips to accomplish. The day of the event, the team was joined by more guild members, Mary Anne, Christopher and Patricia T, to staff the guild vending booth and help with the weaving. The intent was to allow members of the public to do the weaving, and several children took advantage of that opportunity under Christopher's watchful eye. With his competent weaving between amateurs, the weaving was completed during the event. The Sedalia Center sold raffle tickets, and the shawl was won by one of the Sedalia Center's volunteers (also named Dorothea!). The shawl was completed over the next several weeks, with Dorothea and Meridith doing the fringe twisting, and Dorothea doing the wet finishing. The finished product was quite delightful!
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Photos & Information:

1 - The loom sitting empty at Sedalia Center

2 - Cones of Color

3 - The many warp chains

4 - Slaying the reed, one color at a time

5 - Tensioning the warp

6 - Warp spread, hemstitching done, weaving started!

7 - Weaving underway!

8 - Time to cut it off!

9 - The Trio

91 - Finished (and beautifully modeled!)

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