56″ 8s/10T Macomber B Type Folding Loom

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56″ 8s/10T Macomber B Type Folding Loom – uses iron in its frame, harnesses, beams and brake – $950.00
About 64-68″ total width
Approximately 1900 heddles, 13.5″, various types

Current owner has had the Macomber for 33 years and loved every minute of weaving on it. She bought it from the woman who taught her to weave. She’s used it for fine weaving and utility items. She’s made horse saddle pads, baby blankets, wedding presents, tartan yardage for Plaids, kilts, blankets and couch throws, pillows, etc.  It could use some tender loving care.  The loom is in the Lexington, VA area.  Local pickup only.